Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Update and a Random Thought

For the record, I’m not done with the Prayer to Suffer series. It’s just going to take a bit of time to get around to ha. I wanted to give those of you wondering why I haven’t been so quick to write as of late, an idea of what I’ve been up to.

First of all I graduate from Fayetteville High School in two days. So finals. Lot’s of finals. Goodbyes as well. Those will keep you busy. Also, I just started working as an intern for my church, First Baptist Church of Springdale. Awesome. I’m specifically working in the Student Ministry. I may be doing this for a month, or maybe a summer. Who knows?
I just moved this last weekend from my grandmother’s abode, to the church’s intern house. It’s me, two worship band members, and three other interns living in a small house with one bathroom. To be perfectly honest… it’s fantastic. I’m having more fun living with these driven guys seeking to glorify God in all they do, then I think I ever had living with people. It’s going to be one incredible experience.
I realize this isn’t much of a post since after all, I’m not talking much about anything, but I couldn’t stand not updating you with at least why I’m not updating you. Ha. I will try to get another new post around sometime soon. In the mean time, I thought I would share some prose I wrote that my friend, Jessica, suggested I post. Check it out:

These Small Things
Of all the understanding I’ve come to know,
One of the greatest is the life that is in the small things.
Some people go their whole lives without knowing it.
You see, everyone puts such weight in the big things,
and that’s all good and well but they forget the small things.
Lord help them, they’ve truly forgotten the small things.
If I met Death today I would not see those big things,
for most of those I’ve never even reached.
No, I would not look back on them,
for it is the moment that is remembered and not I.
Instead, I will see the small things,
for that is where my life was lived.
Those sweet moments.
Those moments when you look a beautiful woman in the eyes and you both drink in the soft affection.
The moments when the sun shines on the blacktop like diamonds, after a summer rain.
Those moments when out of the blue the wind arrives with a roar and the trees dance like they’ve known since time began,
and if you close your eyes and move with them, you’ll swear you can the music too.
The moment you taste a piece of chocolate.
The feel of a newborn’s hair.
The lonesome song of a mourning mother.
Like the day the Lord was with His prophet,
He wasn’t in the wind, He wasn’t in the tremble, He wasn’t in the fire.
Instead Elijah found Him in that still small voice.
I believe He is found in those small moments too.
So as you go, notice all of this world around you.
The people you love and cherish,
or your lack of such folk.
The bricks and mortar that surround you,
or rivers and woods that free you.
The joy or sadness of  your latest state.
Take heed and live those small moments.
Whether you live but a day or a century will never matter.
For each of those moments is a life time,
and at the end you’ll say I lived full and free.
At the end, that will be enough.

Much Love,




I have not been on the computer much since my return from Jerusalem a month ago but I caught your short post today and wanted to wish you well. You are one fine young man and I'm praying God's richest abundant blessing over your life. We need more Warrior's like you - more strong young men of God to carry forth the light of God's TRUTH!

Congrats on your upcoming granduation from HS. Stay strong in the Word of God and He Himself will lead you in paths of righteousness for His Name's sake! He will continue to invite you to join Him in the work that He is already doing!

May His light shine upon you as you seek to be 'liquid love' [gold] to those you meet. May that liquid gold look and act like honey on you - and whenever someone touches you - they can't help get the sweetness of Jesus all over them too! [That's from a vision the Lord laid out for me a few months back.]

Choosing Great JOY in His Kingdom,
PS: I hope you get a chance to catch my Jerusalem post and pictures on the header.

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