Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here I Stand

Here I stand at a well known place,
surrounded by the cold morning chill,
I'm walking the road where I accepted Your grace,
leaving behind a life of prideful thrills,
its this path where I was told all my pain was erased,
all because You so gladly were hung atop the hill,
with that You took my hand like a father with an assuring embrace,
You whispered that no longer would my mind and soul be ill,
Yes, I walk this way to remember You've pardoned my case,
some days my eyes close and I can feel the worries bringing me still,
You know well, Friend, the struggles of this race,
where every battle is all uphill,
its clear that only through You, I'm able to keep pace,
no matter how far I run, without Your hand it all adds up to nil,
if I lack You, I'm as lost as a boy gazing up in space,
the hardest lesson though to instill,
was that all this world has to offer, is just a mere chase,
with realization, I decided, no longer Your guidance would I kill,
instead I accept the provision you give of an eternal base,
no, my future will never depend on my skill,
Instead, Your heart will be to my soul, a welcoming brace,
in this life I ask for no frill,
for rather, I know your words will speak soft as lace,
I'm waiting and longing for the day, I walk with You by a quiet rill,
its joy to me, as I know I'll sing out praises to You with heavenly bass,
So here I stand Lord, at the end of the road, I pray, You do with me, whatever You will.


Patrina said...

Your will be done, Lord on earth as it is in heaven - in Lukes life. That is his soul's desire. give him your favor, your discernemt, even more of your grace. Shelter him and protect him from the enemy. Make his paths straight. Guide him beside the still waters. Be the lifter of his head, the strong arm in his weakness. Inhabit his prasies to you, o Lord. Chase away any doubt or fear that may creep up behind him. Cover him in his comings and his goings and give him your peace. Amen


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