Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for War

As you can very clearly see, this place does not look the same one bit.  I've decided to refocus this a touch. I came out of a fast last weekend and I had one thing really shown to me. The direction for this blog. Thanks to a few friends I'm bringing this vision to life now. I want to share this vision with you all to give you some idea where this is headed.
Originally this blog was just a general thing. I posted lessons, insights, random things etc. I'm taking the focus off me now though (which is why their is a title change and more) and I'm directing this towards a ministry. I want this place to be a place where those saved or unsaved can come with questions and be able to get answers in safe non-condemning way. Maybe a believer has a subject or an idea they don't know much about and would like to learn more about it. They are free to ask it or it could be something they are afraid to talk to a pastor or someone they know and want the truth. Others may come looking for answers to the questions of things in their life and they want to know the Gospel. I'm glad to help. I want this to be able to have open conversation and dialogue among the readers in the comments discussing the things talked about. I want those who want to learn, grow or explore, to have a place that they can come and ask questions and get a biblically truthful answer to put it in a nutshell.

There are plenty of ways to ask questions. You can reach me via facebook, email, twitter, the comments or in person if you are around me during the day. It's my goal to hopefully be able to answer every question. Whether that means a series of questions to a post or a whole post for just one topic and question. I do still plan to post lessons occasionally, after all this is a learning environment. You also can't exclude the occasional poem.

Now as for the title. Waging War with Lions. I look at it this way. All of this comes down to spiritual warfare. In this war, we have two lions. The Lion of Judah. Our Savior, our Redeemer, our Hope. The other is the prowling lion. The one we do battle with. That's why the title is such. Waging War with Lions. Satan uses ignorance, stubbornness, and condemnation against us yet this blog would wage war against him by exposing our doubts and weaknesses. We turn our ignorance into knowledge and understanding. We shine light on stubborn views. We take the high road and rather than condemning others, we choose pray for and to help those in need with love and gentleness. We flip the script on the idea of war. No longer a physical, earthly war, but a biblical war. A spiritual war. A war we are in at this moment, regardless of your beliefs, whether you like it or not. We are choosing to wage war on Satan and ourselves with Christ as our commander. Make sense? The perfect verse came to me while I was thinking over the title, Psalms 91:13:

You will trample upon lions and cobras; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet.
That's our motto you could say, or maybe battle cry would be more appropriate?

Anyway be looking over the next week or so for some new content about The Trinity, and some talk on the End Times. Please get in touch with me with your thoughts, ideas and questions! Thanks!

Much Love,




Hey! I just came back to read a few of your other posts to see more of what you are writing and sharing here! I am so pleased to see that you have REFOCUSED - off of yourself and onto God and left the 'random things' behind. We have enough 'random things' to occupy our time for eternity [here on earth] in other words - too many 'random' things. It's time for us to refocus our attentions upon the God we claim to love, know and follow! Isn't that what being a disciple of Christ is all about?

Stay focused! Be bold! Take a stand.... And them - STAND FIRM!

And Luke...
You'll never steer anyone wrong when you present God's Word here. It is the Living TRUTH for all time [ past, present and future] - so I commend you for allowing God - through His Word - to speak volumes here on your blog!

PRAY - and ask God to take this blog in the direction that HE wants it to go.

And don't get hung up with how many 'followers' you have - or how you can get more readers. That's not important. Let God do that work. Because if you start wanting more followers chances are - your pride is slipping in to take over. And "pride goes before destruction" [Proverbs 16:18] says.

You have a heart for God - keep it pure in all your motives here - and pray before you write and always let THE WORD speak for you!

Great job so far --- keep up the good work - for His Glory and Purpose!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
JESUS ONLY in 2010

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