Thursday, September 10, 2009

Be Doers!

As a Christian, I live in the greatest time and place, I could possibly hope for. The most impactive Christian known would have to be Paul of Taurus. He went from persecuting Christians to spreading the faith further than any single man has since. He did all of this without bibles, transportation, communication, protection and so on. It was dangerous to be a Christian! So dangerous, he was beheaded! Jump ahead 2000 years and here I am. I live in a country that allows me to practice AND share my faith, I have cars, planes, trains and boats. I have phones, paper\pens, computers, TV, radios, books AND the bible. I am given this HUGE opportunity! Look at social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. I am connected to THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people. If me and a few others, put our minds to it and have that Fire in our hearts like Paul had, we can literally change the world. Forget Obama and change and hope. You want to be heard and make a difference? Campaign Christ. You want change? Bring it about with faith and witnessing and testimony! You want hope? Look to Christ! Help others see that hope too! Look around and figure out who around you, you aren’t sure is saved. Do you want to be partly responsible for their home in hell? Think about it.


Patrina said...

good food for thot. Certainly is differnt for us in thus age, isn't it? AND ...we have BIBLES and every other resource imaginable to help spread the gospel. Such as your free blog space :) Go for it!

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