Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It’s not completely true when they say hindsight is 20/20 or at least it’s misleading. We don’t always suddenly see how our actions have manifested consequences afterward. Sometimes we see something completely off from the truth. Usually though, down the road, we see the cold hard facts. The bible says that we look through a glass, darkly. Or in other words, our perception of reality is warped. Very true. Sometimes we have the best laid plans, with the best of intentions and all the skills needed to follow through and sometimes those plans just… go astray. You don’t mean for them to, you may not even realize they are, if fact you usually don’t. It begins this slow descent, until eventually either you are in the middle of nowhere, or you may have become the very thing you were against. I feel for most people, the realization at the end is the worst. It certainly has been for me. The realization that all along, you were the enemy, you were the traitor, the monster, the blame has no one to fall on but you., that’s what reaches the deepest, most tender parts of the heart and shatters it from the core. There are always silver linings in life though, and here is no different. If you can stop yourself from laying there broken and bitter, you’ll see that the experience draws you to God. He will humble you greatly, and then shelter you. That scar on your heart is a reminder so that you’ll never forget what has happened. If you can mentally, physically, and spiritually survive it, you’ll be stronger, wiser and better off than how you began. That scar though can be a testimony to others, as well as a cautionary tale. Remember, through struggle, opportunity blossoms.


Patrina said...

You got it! Well put.

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