Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wisdom Minus Intelligence

You know, Forrest Gump had it right or at least his momma did when she said

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know whatcha gonna get.”
Even better, life can be like an individual chocolate. One day you think you are doing something ordinary only to find out that what you are doing is something so much greater of importance. Other times, you’ll work your tail off only to be disappointed. Like a chocolate in which you are hoping to find a nice cherry filling but instead are let down when you bite down only to find an almond. So many things in life are in disguise: demons, blessings, hopes, dreams, destiny, luck, emotions. They say the only thing you can be certain of in this life is Death and Taxes. Before long, I won’t be so sure. I’d say that you’d be better off with saying that the only thing you can be certain of in this life is that you can’t be certain. Assumptions and expectations are as dangerous as plutonium, you chance with it and it may not end well. I personally prefer to roll with the tide and see where God takes me in this bouncing blue marble. After all who knows what might happen?


Patrina said...

True. But I have learned to expect good and great and unexpected things from God. I do expect, that what He says in His Holy Scriptures, what He promises - are Yes yes amen! I expect all things to work for my good because of my personal relationship with the Lord of my life. And I can be certain of this one thing - The Lord will never ever leave me or forsake me. His mercies endure forever and ever.


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