Monday, December 21, 2009

Forget and....wait... Slow down!!!

Woah. Okay. Slow down. Geez. Time has been flying the last couple of days. So Sunday morning I got up around 8:00 a.m. Got a whole 30 minutes to myself, then my Dad, step-mom, and step-sister get up. From that point on, it's been full speed ahead. We got our bags packed, my sister somehow managed to fit every little thing imaginable in her car. We are all seriously impressed. We chased the dog around the yard a billion times because he knew something was up and didn't want to be a part of it. We grabbed everything else. Did a final check, and out the door we went. It was me, my dad, and my step-mom in my dad's new 2010 Ford F-150 XLT, which I got to say is a sweet ride and I don't like Fords. My sister followed behind us with her dog. We had a million screw ups before even leaving NWA. Dad's box that would let me charge my laptop in the truck broke, so I had to entertain myself in other ways, I forgot my pillow, which while it seems mild, apparently apartment pillows are horrible. Now that I've slept a night on one, I agree. We decided to stop at Susan's in Springdale, grab some brunch and then hurry off to the interstate. We almost made it on until  the lovely person in the black car, cut off Meaghan, made her slam her breaks and miss the light. So we pulled over waited for her and then finally were on the road to Conway.

After a few stops, filling a 30 gallon gas tank (the price would make you cringe), slushies, Clarksville Walmart (Horror movie caliber) and a great text conversation with Jessica. We all got to Conway. We did the typical unpacking, trying not to break stuff and shuffling around. We then we went to eat. Now I'm not saying that it is a fact that Conwayians (is that what you call them?) can't drive, but well they can't drive. They honk when you simply go across the road, even when it's clearly okay to do so, they stop everywhere. They go everywhere. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Also they have round-a-bouts. Which it turns out are a lot of fun, like a car merry-go-round.

So we find our way to Cracker Barrel and we eat. First I want to give a shout out to Jennifer our nice and really cute waitress. You were great with the refills, however, I am sorry I didn't want a to-go box. It was a mistake to order a double order of mashed potatoes with Chicken Dumplings, Mac & Cheese and biscuits. I was burned out. Anyway you were great Jennifer. I also want to thank my sister for her dinnertime entertainment with watching her eat a mug of ice cream and caramel. Some people aren't smarter than the caramel. We then took off to go to the movies. We saw Did You Hear About the Morgans? Pretty funny, we all laughed. I went home, had an unfortunate run-in, and then hit the hay, oh and then had a interesting moment where a friend couldn't stay awake, but when awake couldn't see...not sure what's going on there, more when I find out.. Today has been without a doubt the most interesting though. My sister and I went to see some of the key "attractions" around Conway here they are, in order of apperance:

University of Central Arkansas: We went here to drop off the last stuff I needed for my admissions application. This place is beautiful. Flat out gorgeous. The weather made it that much better.

The Post Office: It's in downtown Conway if you are wondering, a lot like the old downtown Springdale. It's hard to find, even though it's the biggest freaking building in a mile area. Oh and apparently it has a flag. That's what the dude in the pawn shop said. Thanks. We are stupid.

Central Baptist College: I wanted to show her where I was getting a degree, so here we were. It's small, really small. 6 buildings. It's pretty though. Yep. That's about it.

Hendrix College: Beautiful, I mean woah, I was really surprised as we past it. This place is huge. Who would've known it was this nice?

Conway High School - West: I liked it. Nice auditorium, pretty place. My sister though hated it. She is tired of outside high schools. She wants one like Har-ber or Fayetteville.

Conway High School - East: Freakin sweet! They have a building on each side of the road with a glass bridge about a story up running between the two. Really nice touch. Too bad it's only for 9\10th graders

Very interesting. I have yet to explore the fitness center or indoor pool, I will soon enough though! I'll leave the indoor tanning to my sister. It'll be interesting living here in 5-6-7 months. Not sure what to think. That's all I got to say for now.

Much Love,

Quote of the day (quite appropriate as well):

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”


Patrina said...

It will interesting to see what the Lord has planned for you in the coming months...years. I'll be anxious to hear. God bless you in this trnasition.

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