Friday, December 18, 2009


They say if you haven't found something to die for, you aren't fit to live. I believe that. What I find interesting is the opposite side of it. Those who have something they will truly die for, they've made that cause invincible. As long as there are martyrs, there will always be the cause. How can you stop a  group of people who isn't afraid to lose everything? A martyr's death brings to life something new. Conviction. Their actions combined with their motives and assurance, breeds a conviction to all those who witness it and a sinking uncertainty into those who bring forth the martyrdom.  This is why the holy wars continue on and on. Martyrs are the fuel to a cause. The only way to end such things is to break the spirits of those who believe the cause, but frankly you might as well tell fire not to burn. Martyrs are truly a marvel of the human essence.


Patrina said...

Indeed they are!

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