Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Free-Write Entry...

So I've figured out my teaching style is through examples. Lately, I've been told that I make excellent analogies for explaining things. In truth, I can see that. In all I do, I try to see how it relates to everything else in life. It's funny Jesus tough in parables, much like I do analogies, which are nothing more than brief parables. Of course, Jesus taught in parables to make it tougher, I teach in analogies to make it easier. Mostly, i believe that's what the core of it is. I like to make things as easy to understand as I can. Laymen's terms are a way of life. I've been blessed with a gift for comprehension. I'm wanting to share the knowledge that comes along from that gift with others though. Many other people are far smarter and more talented than me, but I still feel like I can help others with this skill.


Patrina said...

yeah, it is a skill and a gift. and I believe you can help others with it. I believe God is selecting a specific group of people that He has designated for you to help. He's raised you up for a specific purpose. Isn't it exciting?

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